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DiveSeekers was originally called The Scuba Connection that was a family run operation which opened in 1996 by George and Sydney Fisch. Shortly after that time, sons Jason and Wayne started full time, making it a family focused business. In 2008 we expanded our business model to online sales and with this came the birth of DiveSeekers! In 2012 George and Sydney retired and now Jason and Wayne run the shop. With ever growing confusion of The SCUBA Connection name between other shops in the North East as well as on-line shops, in 2014 we have decided to go exclusively with the DiveSeekers name. Jason and Wayne feel that this will help with better branding and feel that the name will be more appealing and great for the business. Our mission is to provide our customers with a full service dive facility. Regardless of your training level and diving experience (recreational or technical), we can meet your needs and provide more information than ever before. Besides getting you information from being in the shop, we want to offer it no matter where you are in the world. We offer this content through FACEBOOK as well as DiveSeekersTV.

DiveSeekers has been 5 STAR Instructor Development brick and mortar Dive Center since its conception. We have served the local diving community with First Class Dive Training, Dive Travel, Equipment Sales, Equipment Repair and all of the things you would expect from any local dive store and then some. When you walk in our Dive Center, you will see the heart of our Store which is our very own Indoor Heated Pool! You will also see employees filling scuba cylinders, customers browsing a very large inventory, divers taking a SCUBA Class and people standing around just talking about scuba diving, Dive Travel and SCUBA Diving Equipment. Everyone on our staff is a diver. We love Diving and we want to share that with you.

Our Staff is committed to getting you in the SCUBA gear that's right for you! With over 80 years and 20,000+ dives combined in environments and or types of SCUBA Diving ranging from recreational diving on shallow reefs, deep wrecks, cave exploration, technical diving, rebreather diving, U/W Photo and Video the world famous TV show LAW and Order Criminal Intent "Depths" our staff brings personal experience like no other.

We finally realized that we couldn't be all we wanted to be with just the customer base available in our area. In April 2008, we launched
our online store to expand our market place far outside of Hillsborough, NJ. In fact, we now have a customer base from all over the world! We work hard to provide the best possible selection of products, the best in scuba diving services, and the customer service you would expect from a first class operation.

Our internet presence is for the benefit of our local customers and our customers all over the world. This site is a complete content management system with every facet of the site optimized for a perfect browsing experience, regardless of your computer platform or your browser. The addition of real-time customer order tracking, customer product reviews, Best of all, we have optimized DiveSeekers
with the best offerings of the latest products from the finest scuba manufacturers in the world. We realize that we cater to all types of SCUBA Divers and Snorkelers, that being said, we have made your shopping experience even easier by breaking down the Main Categories by the type of Diver you are! We think you will thoroughly enjoy your visit to DiveSeekers.

We are excited about the future of scuba diving and the future of
DiveSeekers. No matter how much success we realize from our brick and mortar retail store and our worldwide presence with DiveSeekers , we will always be what we started out to be....a local scuba store in Hillsborough, NJ. We hope you enjoy your visit to DiveSeekers.com. If you are in the local Hillsborough, NJ area, come by and visit with us. Most of all, please remember that when you think of SCUBA Diving....no matter where you live, we want you to think of DiveSeekers.com for all you Diving needs!