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Getting cold on a dive can quickly ruin a great underwater experience. Stay protected from low temperatures, the sun and abrasions with a high-quality wetsuit. We offer many different styles in different thicknesses in great brands such as Fourthelement, Neosport, Henderson and more! Wetsuits are usually gender specific. The type of wetsuit you choose is directly related to the type of diving you plan to do, most are made of neoprene. Skin suits are great for warm water temperature (75℉/24℃ and higher) to keep you protected from the sun or abrasions from rubbing against rocks, corals or wrecks. Shorty suits are also ideal for warm temperatures; they help keep your core warm while not restricting the movement of your arms or legs. Full suits that are also great for warm temperatures are 1mm and 3mm suits. Moderate temperature water (between 60 and 75℃/ 16 and 24℃) will require a thicker wetsuit, around 5mm. Cold temperature water (60℉/16℃ and below) will require an even thicker wetsuit of about 7mm. Vests and Hooded vests are also great for moderate and cold temperature diving. Explore our different wetsuit options to find the best one for you!