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If you plan to dive locally, check out our different scuba tank options! We carry many tank accessories such as rigging kits for technical diving, analyzers for nitrox and trimix tanks, as well as valves, bands, dust caps and much more! Tanks are made of aluminum or steel but come in many different sizes and colors. When purchasing a scuba tank, keep in mind that the most commonly used tank for recreational divers is made of aluminum and holds 80 cubic feet of air; however, the type of diving you plan to do will affect the type of tank that you will need. Aluminum tanks are usually cheaper and are more lightweight than steel tanks. Steel tanks are stronger and they are also less buoyant in water, helping reduce the amount of weights you need to wear. When picking out the size of your tank, some factors to keep in mind are your body type (height/weight) and your air consumption/breathing rate. Scuba tanks are required to have a visual inspection each year and a hydrostatic pressure test every five years. Explore our different tank options to find the best one for your diving needs!