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Sidemount - Chocker for neck clip (pr) BC2720-choker *Buy Dive Rite at 888-SCUBA-47 Low Profile Cam Strap 1.5" webbing BC2036-1.5 *Buy Dive Rite at 888-SCUBA-47 Halcyon Zero Gravity Spine weight pouch  *Buy at 888-SCUBA-47
Sidemount - Choker for neck clip  (pr) LOW PROFILE - S/S CAM STRAP - 1.5" Webbing Halcyon Zero Gravity Spine weight pouch
Tech Buttplate BC1030 *Buy Dive Rite at 888-SCUBA-47 Nomad Weight Plate - BC2727 *Buy Dive Rite at 888-SCUBA-47 Dive Rite Sidemount Butt Plate Assembly - Standard BC2726 *Buy Dive Rite at 888-SCUBA-47
Dive Rite Tech Buttplate
Our Price: $85.00
Tech Buttplate

Halcyon Zero Gravity Side-Mount System- 10.114.034  *Buy at 888-SCUBA-47 Nomad XT Sidemount Rig BC4650p *Buy Dive Rite at 888-SCUBA-47 Halcyon Contour - 10.114.050  *Buy at 888-SCUBA-47
Dive Rite Nomad XT Sidemount Rig
Our Price: $799.00

Halcyon Zero Gravity Side-Mount System NOMAD XT Sidemount Rig

The Nomad Expedition Rig is a true explorers kit, complete with tank hardware necessary to sidemount tanks and, with lift increased to 60lbs/27kg, divers can wear a wetsuit and high volume steel tanks with confidence.

Halcyon Contour Side-Mount System

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