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Your regulator converts the high pressure air in your tank to a lower pressure to allow you to breathe with ease. Luckily, we have you covered with our wide variety of quality regulators in a variety of different styles. We offer both yoke and DIN first stages, as well as DIN to yoke converters to allow you to dive worldwide without issue. We also offer piston and diaphragm designs as well as balanced and non-balanced designs. Unbalanced regulators are the most common with dive clubs due to their reliability above 66 ft (20 m). Balanced regulators are recommended for diving to depths over 66ft (20 m) and can come with options such as anti-freezing for cold water diving to attempt to prevent free flowing. We offer regulator packages as well as both first and second stages from high-quality and reliable brands. Explore all of our regulator options to find the right regulator for you!