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One of the most important pieces of scuba equipment is your mask! Don?t miss anything underwater with a high quality mask that fits you comfortably. Scuba diving masks are made of tempered glass and silicone for durable quality and a snug fit vs. the plastic masks you would find in a general store. We offer high quality brands such as Cressi, Dive Rite, Halcyon, Scubapro, OMS, Atomic, Sherwood and more! Masks come in many different shapes and styles but most importantly your mask should fit your face comfortably, creating a water-tight seal. You should also be able to easily grab your nose over the mask for when you have to equalize underwater. Masks can come in clear or black silicone. The clear allows more light to enter the mask while the black can avoid glare. Masks come in split lens or single lens options. The split lens can facilitate water clearing while the single lens can have a wider field of view. Lower profile masks can also have a wider field of view. Some styles of masks have prescription lenses or readers at the bottom of the lens. Explore our mask accessories for a more comfortable experience with anti-fog and mask strap covers!