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Scubapro Litehawk w/Balanced Inflator - Black/Blue  *Buy Scubapro at 888-SCUBA-47 Scubapro Litehawk w/Balanced Inflator - Black/Blue

The LITEHAWK is the ultimate back-flotation travel BCD. Its lightweight,
ultra-slimmed-down design and flexible backpack lays flat and compact
for packing. The belt-style waist strap with nylon buckle can be cinched
up snug, and quick-release rotating shoulder buckles let you route the
straps under your arms for a custom fit thatís also stable at depth. The
BCD carries no inherent buoyancy so only minimal ballast weight is
required. (Optional quick-release weight pockets are available.) Two
basic accessory pockets are included, and four aluminum D-rings provide
convenient clip-on points for additional gear. Itís a streamlined
package that is well-suited for both tropical and temperate water

Our Price: $475.00
Scubapro Equalizer w/Balanced Inflator *Buy Scubapro at 888-SCUBA-47 Scubapro Equalizer w/Balanced Inflator

The Equalizer is a front-adjustable BCD that brings together all the best features you could ever want in a recreational diving BCD. Its high performance wraparound bladder is made of 420 denier nylon so itís durable and lightweight and extremely comfortable. Stability is excellent thanks to the full-sized backpack and tank strap system. The flat-buckle quick-release integrated weight system loads easy and ditches even easier, and the valve system represents the ultimate in reliability and performance. Add big Velcro-closure pockets and four stainless D-rings for carrying accessories, plus two octopus pockets for storing a backup regulator, and you have a BCD that canít be beat.

Our Price: $530.00
Scubapro GO w/Balanced Inflator - Black  *Buy Scubapro at 888-SCUBA-47 Scubapro GO w/Balanced Inflator - Black

Traveling divers who prefer the fit and feel of a front-adjustable BCD
will definitely like the restyled GO, a proven world traveler. Itís
lightweight and compact, but at the same time offers all the performance
and convenience features you'd expect from a full-featured
general-purpose BCD. Super comfortable, the water-draining Airnet
backpack provides the right amount of cushion when wearing a thin
wetsuit, or no wetsuit at all. The GO has virtually no inherent buoyancy
so ballast needs are minimal. The air cell delivers lots of lift and
double tank bands hold the tank firmly in place for maximum stability.
The entire BCD can be easily folded and stored in its own travel sack,
enabling you to GO dive the world.

Our Price: $579.00
Scubapro Equator w/Balanced Inflator - Black/Red   *Buy Scubapro at 888-SCUBA-47 Scubapro Equator w/Balanced Inflator - Black/Red

With the EQUATOR you can enjoy all the comfort and security of a
full-featured front-adjustable BCD, along with the light weight and
packability of a travel BCD. The easy-to-fold backpack doesn't scrimp on
stability because the tank is secured by a lower primary tank band and
Super Cinch stainless steel buckle plus an upper support strap, creating
a rock-solid tank security system. The integrated quick-release weight
system is just as secure. Water-draining Airnet neck and back padding
provide super comfort, and two large zippered cargo pockets and six
stainless steel D-rings are provided for additional gear. The EQUATOR
comes fully equipped yet is compact and lightweight, making it the ideal
choice for diving at home -- or anywhere.

Our Price: $620.00