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Typical hose lengths.
Main regulator 24"
Octo 36"
BC inflator 24"
Console 32-36"
Pressure gauge only 24"
Deco regulator 40"

Ensure that all your important scuba equipment is in working order with the right kind of hose! We offer BCD, pressure gauge, regulator hoses in high quality brands such as Halcyon, Miflex and more! We sell both traditional rubber hoses and braided hoses (Miflex). Braided hoses can be more flexible and more resistant to abrasions than rubber hoses. They come in many different colors and lengths. The following are typical hose lengths: Main regulator 24?, Octo 36?, BC inflator 24?, Console 32-36?, Pressure gauge only 24?, Deco regulator 40?. Explore our different hoses and hose adapters to find the right one you need!