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Genesis 600 scooter by Logic Dive Gear
Genesis 600 scooter by Logic Dive Gear  *Buy Logic Dive Gear at DIVESEEKERS.com 888-SCUBA-47

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Manufacturer Logic Dive Gear
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More innovative and a better engineered design The Genesis DPV was created because the DPV offerings on the market were unimpressive to someone with real industrial subsea experience. The "high performance" scooters of the day were based on the same technology as pool toys with only minor improvements. This was not acceptable to a subsea engineer......and so the Genesis project was born!
Take a ride on a Genesis scooter!
Genesis developer Jon Nellis walks you through the Genesis scooter design.
More innovative and a better engineered design.

Genesis Dive Propulsion Vehicle

The Genesis DPV was created because the DPV offerings on the market were unimpressive to someone with real industrial subsea experience. The "high performance" scooters of the day were based on the same technology as pool toys with only minor improvements. This was not acceptable to a subsea engineer...
...and so the Genesis project was born!

Logic Dive Gear Genesis Removable Prop

First and foremost, high speed shaft seals, whether they are on a thruster or subsea pump, are the bane of anyone who has to work on them and a constant source of maintenance or failure. The magnetic coupling removes the dynamic seal issues and also enables the propeller to be easily removed should line get ingested and wrapped around the prop. Additionally, it acts as the decoupling clutch should the prop become jammed.

A variable speed motor and fixed blade propeller is the most efficient configuration for any DPV. However, the motor, propeller and nozzle must be engineered as a system to realize maximum efficiency.

The majority of DPVs have motors designed to accommodate a readily available propeller and nozzle that was never fully optimized. Some companies are now even trying to add a new propeller to a piecemealed design in an attempt to improve efficiency.

The test data shows the smaller diameter prop and nozzle on the Genesis is proven to produce significantly more thrust at the same input power level than the DPV's using the larger "Oceanic" style prop and shroud, even though propeller efficiency increases with diameter. This is due to the highly integrated design and full nozzle geometry that ensures the flow over the outside of the nozzle is controlled, instead of turbulent like the "Oceanic" style shroud which is essentially just a funnel for the propeller. An added benefit of a properly designed nozzle system is that the thrust column stays more consolidated so it can be operated closer to a silty bottom without stirring it up and ruining visibility, which is essential in caves.

Logic Dive Gear Motor Nozzle and 600 body

Looking at the cross section of the Genesis nozzle, it becomes evident that it is actually a round wing and it provides thrust solely due to the pressure differential across it from the higher velocity flow through the center. The nozzle material is a positively buoyant rigid foam that provides 2.3lbs (1kg) of lift, enabling the body to be nearly 2 inches shorter.

The motor is a frameless brushless DC unit, shrink-fit into the aluminum tail cone. This means the heat from the motor is being conducted directly to the water for maximum cooling. The motor controller is also heat sunk directly to the water through the tail cone. Even after running for over an hour at maximum thrust, the motor and controller do not get hot like other scooters that try to transfer their heat through the stagnant air inside the housing, over heating their batteries in the process.

Logic Dive Gear Genesis Control Handel

The control handle is spaced off the nozzle to help react the torque at high power and also keep the hand from disturbing the flow around the outside of the nozzle. The ON-OFF trigger can be locked OFF to prevent accidental actuation by rotating the stainless tab under the lever or locked ON for extended cruising by depressing the trigger and rotating the tab over the trigger. The thumb lever controls the variable speed and provides a redundant OFF position when the lever is rotated all the way down. Only one hand is needed to operate all the controls. Mounting holes on the stainless bridge are provided for bottom timer and compass mounting. The tubing that encases the control wiring between the handle and the body has been proven on ROVs operating more than 1400ft (425m) deep.

:ogic Dive Gear Genesis Charging Port

The underwater connector on the front of the body serves two purposes. First it enables the scooter to be recharged without having to open the body, reducing the chances of contaminating or damaging the main body seals and secondly the cover incorporates an "enable" circuit for the motor controller so that the motor will not run if the cover is not installed. This is the third safety feature to prevent accidental operation of the DPV. By removing the cover, the controller is de-energized and draws no power, so the DPV can be stored closed without the quiescent power consumption of the controller draining the battery. A circuit inside the DPV prevents power from being present at the pins when the charger is not connected and ON. The Lithium ion polymer battery packs do not off gas hydrogen like SLA and Ni-mh batteries can, so there is no reason to open the body when charging the batteries. A vent plug is next to the connector to vent pressure from changes in altitude or weather and can be used for vacuum or pressure testing of the DPV. The Plastic ring around the nose of the DPV prevents damage to the anodizing when the scooter is stood on end in a tank rack.

Logic Dive Gear Genesis 600 and 1200 Batteries

Modular battery packs are used so that the Genesis 600 batteries can be separated into two 299Wh batteries that fall below the 300Wh DOT limit for Lithium batteries on passenger aircraft. The small (2.6 x 4.9 x 7.0 in.) rectangular packs easily fit in carry on baggage. The clamping system is the same for both battery packs so changing from the 600 to the 1200 requires only the different packs and longer body tube. The charger can recharge the 600 batteries in less than 4 hours and the 1200 packs in less than 8 hours

Logic Dive Gear Genesis 600 and 1200 DPV's

Say hello to the next generation of diver propulsion vehicles.

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