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Ever wonder whats its like to talk under water? Want to give it a try?
Make an appointment and you and a friend can do a real test of the mask and communications in our indoor pool.

Ever wanted to talk to your buddy underwater? With a full face mask and com system you can be chatting like they do on the Discovery Channel. We carry full face diving masks from the quality brand Ocean Technology Systems (OTS). Looking for an introductory full face mask? The OTS Spectrum mask may be the one for you! Designed as a hybrid between your current dive mask and the OTS Guardian mask, the Spectrum is the perfect first step into the world of full face mask diving and chatting with your buddy. The Guardian mask is a favorite for both scientists and recreational divers alike for its ease of use. The Guardian comes in a variety of colors and contains multiple nose pieces to ensure a comfortable fit while maintaining your style. Explore our full face masks for diving and snorkeling today!